There are a lot of outlets in a shopping mall, from retail stores to restaurants to washrooms and other amenities. Especially in large malls, shoppers can become easily confused, which gets frustrating when they just want to find something, quickly. Wayfinding signs can make the difference in shoppers having a good day at the mall, or a hectic and confusing day that makes them want to stay away from brick and mortar retailers.


Of course, shopping mall owners and retailers want their customers to stick around! This is why a solid wayfinding sign system is so important. These signs show customers where they are, where they can go, and what the mall has to offer, answering customer questions without requiring them to flag down a busy customer service representative. In short, these wayfinding signs save time for everyone, making the entire shopping mall experience that much smoother.


A well designed wayfinding sign system serves many purposes. Of course, it’s great for directing people around the mall, but it can also be used as a form of advertising. Many potential customers will be looking right at these signs to find out more about the mall, so what better place to share store sales, mall events, and other enticing information?


Exterior wayfinding signs are especially good for bringing people into the mall. By advertising interesting and exciting happenings that are taking place inside, a passerby can become a customer with ease.


Every shopping mall has different goals and different needs, which is why a wide variety of wayfinding sign formats exists. Some mall owners may choose simple, static printed signs to give out the basic details to customers, while others may invest in digital, dynamic sign systems that allow for touchscreen functionality, quick changes, vivid colors, and more.


When you work with us for your wayfinding signs you’ll find that no matter what level of technology you choose, we work with only the best materials and the best tech. We aim for complete customer satisfaction whether you are ordering a few signs for a small shopping center, or an entire wayfinding platform for a mega-mall. We understand how important these signs are for each and every one of our clients, and we work hard to bring your project to life.


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