When thinking about a college, what first comes to mind? Is it the college’s academic success rate? Their sports record? Their political leanings or influence? Maybe. But often, the first thing that pops into an individual’s mind is the school mascot, its colors, or its logo. A college logo is a lot more than just a decoration, it is the symbol of the institution, and usually carries its motto as well.

The college logo should be visible throughout the campus. When the logo is on hoodies, hats, napkins, cups, doors, cars, and more, it gives a cohesive sense of being part of an academic community. One simple and useful place to put the college logo, is on its signs. On a college campus, logos can be used on monument signs, banners, pole signs, portable signs, vehicle wrapping, vehicle graphics, and even door mats.

A college has a significant amount of vehicles and placing the logo on your transportation fleet through graphics or wrapping, is a smart way to advertise. We can create vehicle graphics for your bus line, campus security cars, and any other vehicles. Using vehicle wraps, it is easy to take your logo on the road. Ease of identification is especially important on the buses and security fleet.

If you often visit school fairs or hold events, then portable signage with your logo is almost critical. Portable signage is also a great choice for yearly events such as holidays or parents weekends. It also saves money as you are not constantly having to have new signs printed.

We can take care of all of your signage needs. Whether it be an impressive monument sign that adorns your entrance, or banners listing school sponsors for a basketball game, we have got you covered. We can take care of illuminated channel letters as well as all of your interior signs. We can help you with your lobby signs and directional signs and ADA signs. We can even go over any existing signage with you to make sure that you are ADA compliant.

The estimate is free so what have you got to lose? Come and see all the places we can think of to showcase your logo. Log on to our website now and submit your information. You can also email us or call us direct.