The majority of establishments focus on the walls when thinking about what signage they need for their place of business. When you are a massage therapist, however, your customers’ are more likely to be looking at the ground. This is where one-of-a-kind floor graphics can set you apart from your competitors.

People come into massage therapists for pain relief and/or relaxation but sometimes going to a massage therapist can also cause some anxiety. Whether your customer is in pain or anxious about the massage,  then having something to look at can make their visit more pleasurable and your job easier.

You can have floor graphics designed to place under each massage table. Choose from many different designs that can invoke feelings of comfort and peace. Water is a good one, whether flowing water or water droplets. Nature is another scene that can inspire calm and relaxation. Perhaps, a snowy wooded scene or a graphic of the sun setting over the ocean. This small detail can set you ahead of your competition.

Besides floor graphics, a massage therapist’s practice can use other signs to make the client’s visit flawless. Lobby signs and directional signs can both be very important. Lobby signs tell your customers your rates and any rules you may have, as well as any business insurance information that may be pertinent. Directional signs direct your customers to the restrooms, the exits, and treatment rooms.

We are not just specialists in interior signs but exterior signs as well. We can help you with monument signs, post and pole signs, illuminated channel letters and more. We can create banners that can be hung almost anywhere as well as vehicle wrapping or graphics to take your brand on the road. If you visit massage therapy conventions or trade shows, we can help create event materials and portable signage.

We are your one stop shop from design to installation to maintenance. We can create signage using your existing logo, and we also have the knowledge and experience to verify that your current ADA signage is up to date. If your space is not ADA-compliant, we can help you to become so.

Do not delay any longer. Cal us today at and let us show you what we can do for you.