As anyone working in a dental office will know, the majority of the patients coming through the door for a cleaning, or other procedure, are apprehensive. With that knowledge, you do everything you can to help your patients feel more at ease. A warm greeting, a drink, and magazines, are all tried and tested distractions. For dental and administrative staff, it is much easier to work with a relaxed patient than a very nervous one.

Patient distress usually reaches a peak during the dental treatment itself. For some patients, it’s injections. For others, drilling will be the most difficult time. One way to combat this anxiety is to install ceiling graphics above each of your dental chairs. This makes perfect sense. If the patient has something to draw their focus away from the dental procedures then they are more likely to stay calm as the work takes place. Giving them something pleasing to look at is beneficial for all involved.

There are so many different designs you can choose from. Blues and greens are known to be calming and peaceful colors. So, with this in mind, nature scenes make a great choice. You can pick a beautiful scene of the ocean or an underwater depiction of a coral reef, or, perhaps an intricate forest with creatures scampering about the woodland area?

For adults and children, setting the patient a challenge of finding all the creatures in the image or noting some other detail, will help to shift their focus away from the procedure. Children tend to like bright colors, so if you have a separate area just for children you can choose cartoon characters, colorful scenes such as a circus or a relaxing scene like balloons drifting through the clouds. You can also just use graphics showing items that children like and can capture their attention, things such as crayons, shapes, or toys.

We don’t just handle ceiling graphics though, we can take care of all of your signage needs. We can take care of exterior monument signs or illuminated channel letters. Have a trade show? We can create an impressive trade show display for you. We can handle your lobby signs and directional signs throughout your building. We can design any sign for you and can use any existing logo.

Now is the perfect time to reach out to us and get an estimate on your ceiling graphics and other signage needs.