When you have a business, especially one where you have tenants, you have a myriad of people coming onto your grounds each and every day. It is imperative to have the correct signage in place not only to inform your patrons but to ensure that you are covered in case of a lawsuit. This is why it is so important to be sure that your ADA signage – that is, Americans with Disabilities Act signage – is up to date.

We can ensure that you have all the ADA signs you need and want. We are familiar with city regulations and what the city expects from both its landlords and tenants when it comes to their ADA signage. Familiar and useful ADA signage includes handicapped signs for bathroom stalls and handicapped parking. You also need signs clearly marking handicapped entrances if your main entrance consists of steps. Signs clearly labeling where, in the business park, a wheelchair cannot access is a good idea as well.

Besides wheelchair-accessible signs, you will want to add braille to a variety of signs. Any identifying signage for your tenants should have braille added as well as signs labeling the restrooms, the front desk, the exits, and more. If hearing accessible devices are available, a sign making this known is a smart addition to your signage. This is not just imperative for business parks but for schools, universities, malls, grocery stores, any public and private venues.

We can take care of all of your signage needs, not just your ADA signs. We can create exterior signs such as monument signs, illuminated channel letters, and banners. Inside, we can take care of any and all lobby signs, directional signs, wall graphics, and wall murals. Signs are an important tool for making visits to your business park happen seamlessly day in and day out.

We are your one stop shop for signage from the beginning to the end. We can create a design for you, with your existing logo or without. We will meet with city officials to make sure we create a sign that you want but that passes city code completely.

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