Our new neighbour, Lids + Laces, required some signage for their new office space.   First they needed to put up an outdoor overhead sign. A couple of weeks later they were ready to finish the office entrance off by installing window graphics to their front windows.

Lids + Laces have developed a new revolutionary traditional baseball cap. Their hat laces up at the back, just like a sneaker…a “laceback”! Their cap concept is totally new and innovative! These caps are clever and creative and will certainly soon be seen as headwear everywhere!

The space that they acquired had bars across the windows which did not offer the most inviting atmosphere for their new venture. Window graphics are a great way to solve the outside look and clearly advertise what they do. Perforated vinyl was crafted for the windows. It is a wonderful product as it allows the image/graphic to be seen outside from the front of the building/window, while having the ability to see through it from the inside.

The back lit outdoor sign was made using a big and bold font to really make the sign stand out.  Using black vinyl with cut out letters over white acrylic, allows the sign to show up very well day and night.

Both of these signs really personalized the space! The owners of Lids + Laces were very happy and said “In fact, after only one day, we [Lids + Laces] had a brand new customer come in off the street as a result of their new signage.” Most uncommon in an industrial area.

Every business requires signage as part of their success story. This comes in many forms, whether on an overhead sign, floor graphic, or window graphic, just to name a few… the options are endless. Made 2 Measure Signworks takes pride in providing perfect signage and has been able to create high quality window graphics for Lids + Laces.

Our client, Lids + Laces was thrilled with the window graphics that we created for them. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship, and quality materials. We specialize in all types of signage, and would be pleased to give you some ideas. We operate our business with integrity and your satisfaction is very important to us. For more information, please contact us at (416) 421-5070 or visit us at www.M2Msignworks.com.