Recently we were contacted by Metropolitan Movers in Midtown Toronto, because they needed to replace the graphics on one side of a truck after it was hit by a falling tree. We worked with the truck repair company to get the graphics replaced as quickly as possible to get the truck back on the road. We were able to apply the wrap remotely to aid the timing of getting the truck on the road.

A great thing about truck graphics is that your advertising is always working for you as the truck drives around the city. Plus, there are several options of material that can be utilized to offer a lower cost short term promotional material, to a different product that can last as long as 10 years on the vehicle. In all cases we work with high quality products from 3M and Avery to give you the best look as well as an excellent manufacturers warranty. We are able to work within your time frame as well as your budget.

The obvious benefits of graphics on the side of a truck, or any vehicle, are the cost of advertising. As a vehicle drives around for as many as 10 years, the cost per impression may only be pennies! When compared to other forms of advertising which are typically measured in dollars or tens of dollars, this may easily be the least expensive and possibly one of your most effective advertising and marketing options available! If you have vehicles on the road and want an effective way to market your goods and services you should be looking at vehicle wraps and graphics.

If you, like Metropolitan Movers, are looking for a graphics on a truck or other vehicle or we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs and pricing. At Made 2 Measure Signworks we do Vehicle graphics as well as any other custome signs you may need. Give us a call today, (416) 421-5070, or go to