We recently completed some custom wall graphics for “Team Zold” at Royal LePage, in Richmond Hill, ON. They were interested in some graphics to enhance their walls and display their corporate values. As well, one of their office spaces was an interesting longish space. We suggested that they add an image that would create the illusion of a window. We used an image of the Toronto skyline and placed it on the wall. This gave the impression and feel of looking out a window. In the before and after images, the image has created a more “open” and inviting space.

Team Zold, run by Shawn Zigelstein, is a fabulous group of realtors. They do a fantastic job of selling properties Richmond Hill and beyond. They are primarily residential realtors and take a personal interest in their client. They truly value their client and recognize the importance of their property. They see it as much more than a house…it is your home! When you are looking to buy or sell, don’t just get Sold…Get Zold! Go to www.TeamZold.com to learn more.

We had fun working on this project! They were eager to ensure the corporate values were well represented within their office. The corporate values, mission statement and logos were placed on two office walls. At the same time we suggested opening up the interior office by adding a photo of the Toronto skyline to make the office feel as though it had a window. They were happy this was suggested and included. The realtors working in this office loved the addition.

Wall graphics are not just for realtors. There are lots of options to bring wall graphics to your office. In this case we added the corporate values, but anything can be created and is limited only by your imagination. The main focus is to ensure the work environment is inviting, motivational and esthetically pleasing. When your team is working in an inspiring and welcoming environment they’re happier and more productive.

In the “Zold” office, the custom graphics were created exclusively for the colleagues that spend their day in the office. Customers very rarely come to this office, so the graphics were designed to allow employees to constantly see the corporate values in an interesting large-scale format.

If you work in an office environment and want to enhance your office space with custom graphics, we at Made 2 Measure Signworks can design graphics that will boost you corporate values and add a sense of design and style to your office. If you are looking for something new and different to decorate your office with, please give us a call at (416) 421-5070 or go to www.M2Msignworks.com and we will come out and meet with you.