For our new client Norelco SafeCAM, they wanted to reinvest in their storefront fascia signs and storefront perforated windows. They originally wanted to replace their current overhead sign florescent lights with new efficient LED lights. Since the sign face was coming down to replace the lights it was determined that a new sign would be a good investment. The LED Lights were replaced by a Markham based electrical contractor, “Tekno Electrik”,

We at Made 2 Measure Signworks were contacted to help redesign Norelco SafeCAM’s storefront overhead sign. They had outdated fascia signs that were very faded and worn looking. It was also cluttered with lots of descriptive words on what they did. We revamped the sign substantially to give it a cleaner, fresher and less cluttered look.

The result was a much more powerful, pleasing and bold sign that was easier to see. The new sign was created to reflect their company name and a brief description of what Norelco SafeCAM is about ( We switched from a blue sign to a white sign with blue lettering as you can see in the photograph. This worked very well for visibility. It is now very clear and bright from the street.

We noticed immediately that the opportunity of utilizing the window space was missing. We were able to utilize images of products rather than the words to show potential customers what they sell.

They get a lot of drive-by traffic on a daily basis. Within just days of completion, the store manager commented that he had several new customers tell him that they had driven past the store daily for years and had never come in. One had been using a different vendor for years, further away, as they did not know that Norelco SafeCAM existed. The new signage was incentive enough for new customers to come into the store and not only buy something, but comment that the reason they came in was because of the increased visibility of the storefront.

These are the kind of results every customer wishes for! We would love to help you get results like this as well. Please contact us at Made 2 Measure Signworks at 416 421-5070 or through our website at