Sylvia Morris, one of Century 21’s top realtors in Canada recently opened a new realty office in Markham on Main Street. The new store is newly built, bright and has an open concept. While this had a wonderful feeling inside the office, from the street, one could only see the large windows and visually, people walking past the front of the office did not see the overhead sign very well.

We, at Made 2 Measure Signworks, were able to add lettering to her large windows to effectively inform consumers about what the company is about. You will see in the image that just adding simple cut letters on the window adds clarity to her business. White letters typically add the best contrast so they are easily read.

We felt it was important to bring Sylvia’s branding to the storefront as well. We added an image of Sylvia in her signature green jacket and the “SOLD” sign. For this we used perforated window film.

Sylvia Morris is part of the Century 21 Leading Edge Realty and is a well-established agent in Unionville and Markham. Sylvia’s expertise in the marketing of your home is one of the best in Canada. If you list your home with Sylvia it will become sold. If you are interested in buying or selling your home, contact Sylvia Morris at

Whether you are a leading realtor or you are operating any other type of business, your storefront signage is paramount to your success. We offer several alternatives for your windows to set you apart from the competition. We can create and use cut letters, perforated window film and frosted/etched glass film to name a few. But it doesn’t stop on the outside; it needs to carry through to the inside of your office/store. Effective signage is required to ensure your customer understands what you’re all about and what type of service or product you offer. Wonderful signage also really sets the tone in your office or retail space.

At Made 2 Measure Signworks we can help you with both your exterior and your interior signage. Please contact us at (416) 421-5070 or on the web