Recently at the Toronto Boat Show? …Looking to buy a new boat and the graphic packages the manufacturers were making this year did not get you excited? Maybe you are looking for a new Waterski or Wake/Surf boat from Mastercraft, Nautique or Malibu and the designs are not what you expected this year. Or are you looking for a new fishing boat from Lund, Princecraft or Lowe, and you want it to look unique on the water? Or you decided that all the new boats you looked at were too expensive. Make your existing boat look new with a complete wrap. With boat wraps the options are endless. You can just change the colour, or you could create a new pattern or specific graphic. You could use colour flow series vinyl from Avery to make it look different from different angles. Or you could add writing, or name your boat on the stern or sides.

As well 3M has some new materials that can be used to create some unique looks. They are all in the IJ180mC family of vinyl. They have excellent conformability to the curves on the boat. There is a printable metallic wrap film for an edgier look as well as a printable clear wrap film, allowing you to integrate the original colours into your new look. There is another film specifically designed for use on jet skis or other products made from low surface energy plastics, IJ180C-10LSE. Plus there is 780mC-10R which is a reflective wrap film that will make a big impact day or night.

The options are endless and for a fraction of the cost of a new boat, it can be made to look new. All your friends and neighbours will think you got a new boat this year. The materials are designed for boats and will not come off in normal operating circumstances. Chances are your boat already has some of these materials on it already.

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