Truck Graphics for Gerrity Corrugated, Concord, ONWhether you have a large fleet of vehicles, in Toronto, ON, or just one truck or car, vehicle graphics will ensure that your business will continuously be seen and can bring desired attention to your business.

We recently completed and installed truck graphics for Gerrity Corrugated Paper Products Ltd. in Concord, ON. They have several new trucks that required graphics to be installed on them quickly. Gerrity makes corrugated cardboard shipping boxes and POP displays. For quality shipping boxes and POP displays, please check them out at

It is imperative that your company graphics are installed before your trucks are on the road. If your company name or registration numbers are not displayed on your commercial vehicle it can lead to costly tickets. Verify the requirements for your vehicles and your operating area. To ensure the customer’s trucks remained on the road during business hours, we installed the graphics on a Saturday. Plus, winter installs add another challenge for large trucks. Graphics need to be installed in an environment above 10 degrees Celsius and on a clean truck. It really needs to be done inside with the road salt and debris removed. We will work with you, as we did with Gerrity, to ensure your trucks remain on the road.

Truck wraps and graphics can range from a partial wrap, graphics or lettering to a complete vehicle wrap. For a full wrap, the graphics can cover the entire truck or just the full box. For a partial wrap, graphics or lettering, you will typically include your company information on the sides, rear doors and cab doors.

The cost of the wrap will increase from a partial wrap or lettering to a full truck wrap, but so will the benefit. If you do a full wrap, you have the ability to create the most compelling message and imagery, which will result in the most memorable marketing message. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

There are several reasons to add truck graphics to your fleet:

  • Company brand development/awareness
  • Promote new products
  • Acquire new customers
  • Protecting the paint on your vehicle with wraps increases resale value

With a name and a logo on your vehicle, your customers will recognize your vehicle. They will remember your brand. Think of the FedEx or Coca-Cola truck. Can you imaging either driving without the familiar brand on their trucks or other vehicles? Plus many companies are utilizing the full side and rear doors of their trucks to create full graphic moving billboards. We recently, wrapped a full truck side for Metropolitan Movers, click here to read the article.

The more vehicles you have, the more opportunities you have to spread your message and develop brand awareness throughout your sales and delivery territory. If you happen to be one of the few who has little desire to advertise your own company on this valuable space, we are sure a customer can be we found who would be willing to rent the space from you.

So, whether it is a single commercial vehicle or a large fleet of trucks in and around Toronto, ON, we at Made 2 Measure Signworks will help ensure your trucks are creating the best impression on the road. For more information contact us at (416) 421-5070 or at