We were contacted recently by a landscaping company, Ecoscapes Landscaping, that wanted a vehicle wrap to brand their vehicles. They do a lot of work in the Roncesvalles area of Toronto and want their trucks and trailers to be noticed and consistent with the brand they have created.

Ecoscapes Landscaping is a full service landscaping company including design, construction, sustainable gardens and weekly maintenance. If you are in West Toronto and are in the need of some Landscaping work, ensure you give them a call. You can find more information about Ecoscapes Landscaping at www.ecoscapes.ca

When it comes to signage for Landscaping companies, vehicle wraps are the obvious choice. The trucks are moving throughout a territory on a daily basis. If you are a maintenance service business, you will be stopping regularly at several homes and businesses in a day. The vehicle graphics will allow many neighbours to see your professionally branded vehicle. Your professional vehicle wrap will set you apart from others, which will bring you new customers.

A vehicle wrap is the least costly form of advertising as you pay for it once and it will continue to create impressions for the life of the truck. Not to mention, when people see your vehicle parked at a neighbour’s house, there is an implied referral or testimonial attached. If a neighbour sees your truck on the street, they will feel more confident in calling you, because they see people they know that have hired you. The vehicle wrap is a great way to attract more business and to start becoming a highly recognized and trusted business in a community.

If you have a landscaping company or any other service company and want more information about a vehicle wrap, we can help. At Made 2 Measure Signworks we can take care of your vehicle wraps as well as other signage you may need. You can contact us at www.m2msignworks.com or call us at 416-421-5070.