Every day there are Trade Shows going on around the city you live in. Trade shows can vary in size and scope. Regardless of the size of the show or the number of attending visitors, the objectives of the companies involved are to promote their company and products and/or services. To do this you need to be highly visible and stand out from others.

Recently we completed a trade show booth makeover for Earth Innovations in Toronto. www.EarthInnovations.com. Earth Innovations, the makers or EcoTraction, a green alternative to ice melters and road salt. They will be attending a variety of different shows this year and required signage and displays that would accommodate both small events and larger ones with a professional look while staying within their budget.

We used roll-up banner stands to create the main background. All banners were designed with the same basic design, but with each featuring a different product. This allows them to use 2, 3 or 4 banners as a backdrop in their booth and can be varied based upon the available booth space and product focus, while maintaining a professional and consistent look at all times.

Although it is important for your booth to look great, you have to ensure that the attendees take notice of you. For Earth Innovations, we used large flags to ensure people in other aisles could spot them. As well, we utilized floor graphics with the company logo and arrows throughout the event centre to direct attendees toward them.

The options for trade shows are vast. You need to stand out from the crowd as attendees can’t or don’t stop by every booth. You need to catch their attention with your signage right away. Cluttered signs are confusing and people won’t know what you do, hence are less likely to stop at your booth.

Trade show booths can vary dramatically. Small booths may focus on limited featured products, and may consist of roll-up banners, back drop banners, branded table cloths, flags and/or literature racks. For all, the messaging needs to be selective and attention grabbing. If you have a large booth, you will have more space for specific signage, but it also needs to be clear, interesting and inviting. As well, you may now have enough space to allow customers to walk through and talk with sales reps while viewing products. Signage is vital! Maybe you have modular displays? Or perhaps truss system walls with built in displays for products and pictures? Perhaps you have tables and chairs to sit and talk? Products are likely on display. All of these will require signage!

No matter what size your booth is, what type of show you are at or the type of customer you are trying to attract, your signage needs to be attractive, professional but most importantly noticeable. We, at Made 2 Measure Signworks, can help you select the right trade show displays and signage to get you noticed, while staying within your budget. Please contact us at 416-421-5070 or at m2msignworks.com,